Automobile Refinancing

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Auto Refinancing – Everyone talks about refinancing your mortgage to save hundreds, but what about refinancing your vehicle, boat, RV or motorcycle? If you didn't finance with TMTFCU, you may have paid too much!!! Refinancing will save you time and money!
Our goal is to put money back in your pocket, reducing your monthly payment, your interest rate or even the term of your loan are just a few ways we can help!
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Financing Comparison Chart
$25,000 Auto Loan

0% Dealer Financing 3.24% APR TMTFCU Loan 3.24% APR TMTFCU Loan
Credit Score Requirements *A+ Credit ONLY *A+ to B Credit *A+ to B Credit
Dealter Rebate $0 $2500 $2500
Loan Term 60 Months 60 Months 72 Months
Monthly Payment $416.66 $406.71 $344.28
Total Payment $25,000 $24,401.93 $24,788.09
Life of Loan Savings $0 $598.07 $211.09

Debt Refinancing

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Credit Card Debt – Are you stuck in a minimum payment rut? Is your 0% coming to an end? Does it feel like you’re living on the edge of maxed out? Many don’t realize that refinancing your debt is possible!! It’s not only possible, it can save you money, time and stress!!
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Financing Comparison Chart
$7,200 Credit Card

24% Credit Card 9.34% APR TMTFCU Loan
Credit Score Requirements *A+ Credit ONLY *A+ to B Credit
Loan Term 216 Months (18 Years) 48 Months (4 Years)
Total of Payments $7,910.00 $1,378.50
Total Payment $15,081.00 $8,378.50