Checking & Savings

Torrington Municipal and Teachers Federal Credit Union, (TMTFCU) offers a variety of Checking and Savings product to meet any need. Inquire below to discover which product works for you!


Fee Free Checking – With TMTFCU's Fee Free Checking, you can go back to the days of keeping money in YOUR pocket! This checking account has no minimum balance requirement, no monthly maintenance fees and rebates of up to 4 non-credit union ATM* transactions per month! With a VISA check card, STAR online, a mobile app and paper checks, you will always have access to your money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! There are no tricks and no hidden fees, with this account you will be able to breathe easy and know that your checking account is not COSTING you money! Ask about our affordable overdraft protection program.

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Pile of Money

*Members who don’t live in Torrington, or who are on vacation, may get up to 4 rebates per card, per month with receipt showing charge in the same month the transaction occurred.


Share Savings – This share account is a savings account that establishes your membership with the credit union. Your share savings allows you to take advantage of all the products and services at TMTFCU. This account is opened with as little as a $5.00 deposit.

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Holiday Club Accounts – These savings accounts are specifically designed to assist you in saving money for the holidays! You decide the amount and frequency of deposits. In mid-October we will transfer the money to your checking account at TMTFCU.

Share Certificate of Deposits – Our Share Certificates offer competitive rates! We offer various terms as short as 6 months or extending as long as 60 months. These accounts can be opened with as little as $500.00. Dividends are compounded monthly, and are available monthly. Early withdrawal of certificates may result in penalty.

Money Markets – These savings accounts offer you the opportunity to earn higher dividends, while giving you continuous access to your money without penalty. You may deposit to or withdraw from your money market at any time without penalty. This account has a low minimum balance requirement of $1000.01.

Rising STAR Savings – Are you looking to start a savings account for your child? With their social security number, you can open a STAR Saver Account today. With this account, your child can earn a higher yield up to $1,000 to age 21. Get them started today!

IRA's – TMTFCU offers both Traditional and Roth IRA’s. They can be opened at any time as a share, or share certificate. Are you 50 years of age or older? Ask about what this year’s catch up contribution limit is!

HSA's – Or a Health Savings Account is used for out-of pocket health care costs. Check with your health insurance provider to see if your health plan meets these requirements.